A Heated Discussion

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Entrepreneurs, Mind unset, Reflective

“Every time we have a meeting, John always has to point out where he thinks I have not lead my team effectively. Although everything he points out has been misconstrued, and honestly he is just trying to make himself look better at my expense. So I am always having to prove to him he is wrong about me in front of everyone! I feel like he is dragging me into this nonsense, getting the better of me and it is driving me crazy!”

Does this sound familiar?

We only find ourselves arguing with others when we are outside in with the logic and wisdom of ‘how’ we are experiencing that persons behaviour. Nobody has the power to drag us down or into their reality in the moment. We only fall into our own ego thinking when we are NOT factoring Thought in our experience.

Would you love to be able to have a whole new  kind of experience of the “John” in your life? 

If so DM me and let’s book a call to discuss the possibility of working together to help you and maybe even your team debunk How you are experiencing each other!