I have had a very pleasant experience throughout my sessions with Zaina. She has made me feel so at ease through her gentleness and understanding. I felt that I was not alone in my ordeal but that she accompanied me through my path, and that’s what made all the difference. I was able to confide in her without feeling judged, different, or misunderstood. I felt listened to and understood by someone. She is so kind and sociable, that from the very first encounter; I had the feeling that we had known eachother for a long time. In addition, during the course of our sessions; the dialogue was not solely my opinion, but rather it was in the form of discussion which allowed me to feel at ease and obtain answers to my questions. She has guided me. She did not tell me what to do, she taught me what to do on my own. It’s like the story of the bear teaching his son to fish by himself, rather than simply giving him the fish. Thus, I learned to fend for myself; thanks to her. It’s as if I had lost my way and I found Zaina who gave me directions to find it. She was always there for me, even when we were not in session I could always send her a message if I had doubts or questions… and she always answers me, and reassures me. I would always be grateful to her. Thank you for your help.  

Yasmine - Canada

After speaking with several different coaches. In just One conversation with Zaina, I knew she was the coach for me. So intuitive, informative, soft-spoken yet honest, open and to the point on every topic discussed. I have a whole new perspective on things and situations that help me to be more grateful, patient and clearer during any given process.

I highly recommend her and her services to anyone who needs a coach to guide them through whatever it is they need guidance with. She’s the best!

Charlene - U.S.A.

Zaina is an amazing coach. Serene is really more than just a word in her business name! If you have a call with her, you’ll know what I am talking about. Everything about her and her coaching sessions help you feel serene, from her voice to the approach she takes to life, and the wisdom she imparts. It cannot be described in words because it’s truly intangible, but once you experience you know you’re in the right hands, setting towards a true transformation for your life. I know i’ve become a different person since I started with her coaching. I highly recommend her, especially and even if you think you need therapy…I would start with her first!

Bouchra - Algeria

I’ve not got words to express the work we have been doing and the transformation I am going through. Overcoming my inner resistance, over thinking, and just stepping Intuitively into the peace we all are born with. We work on all areas, personal life, relationships, entrepreneurship, leadership. Priceless work! Thank you.

Razwana Yousaf - Scotland

Thank you for the great coaching. You are a very professional and effective coach and a wise person too.

Andrea - Germany

I am truly grateful to have a coach and coaching mentor like Zaina. She teaches with presence and focus, a great listener and guide. I was overwhelmed with information online and with books. Zaina has taught me how to tap into my innate wisdom and realize I have everything I need within. Her soft and non judgmental approach enables me to be vulnerable, open and speak from my heart. Highly recommend if you are feeling overwhelmed in any area of life.

Nadia - U.K.

Words will never give justice to Zaina. Her words are like an arrow that never misses its target. She has effortless emotional intelligence, putting into words the things you always wanted to say but never realized. Life changing energy full of faith and serenity. I recommend this coach to anyone going through any kind of thing.

Mia - Morocco

I am glad I had a chance to have a session with her. Gave me more clarity and some insight on how to see things in a different perspective. Highly recommend it.

Beatrice - Canada

Zaina has guided me through some difficult and stressful issues from my past and present. She has given me insight and simple techniques so that I’m able to look at my problems in different ways. She is patient, compassionate, respectful, but also straightforward. Her approach is very simple, she expresses herself clearly and is easy to understand. Zaina has made a huge impact on my life, and I highly recommend her services.

Melanie Feres - Canada

If you want serenity- you are in the right place! 

Get in touch with Zaina if you want to find out what it means to be completely unattached to outcomes and be at peace – no matter what.

Anne - Canada

Zaina Is an absolutely incredible coach! She delivers true value to her clients. I highly recommend Serene Lifestyle Coaching!

Franco - Canada

Zaina Is one of the best coaches and humble human beings I have had the privilege of knowing. She is all heart and soul, she catches the pulse of a coaching conversation, swaying with her clients by giving them the best gift of her unconditional presence and involvement. Invoking the appropriate questions at the right time, allowing that space for her clients to tap into their own potential, and dig deep beneath the layers to uncover the gems as solutions she knows and trusts they have within them. As her client I have had the first hand experience working with her, and I highly recommend her services.

Seema- U.A.E

I had a 30 minute breakthrough session with Zaina and it was extremely insightful and enlightening. She listened to my concerns and issues, and gifted me with clarity and deeper understanding of how people’s minds work. I feel more in control of my mind and feelings already! Thank you Zaina, I will definitely be referring people to you.

Amber - Scotland

Zaina has helped me immensely by putting things in perspective. This gave me the strength to move past some very difficult issues. She is straightforward, and at the same time non-judgmental. What I appreciated the most was her patience. With all of these great qualities, I found myself willing to be very vulnerable with her, and that lead to some breakthroughs. I would highly recommend her services.

Maryam Crystal Leblanc - Canada

I was hesitant at first, not because of being her friend but after having gone through such a tragic moment in my life, I was unsure if I was able to release my harbored feelings. With much thought, I decided to face my obstacles with help rather than alone. I was able to separate my friendship to business mind frame right away because of the trust. I’ve known her to be trustworthy as a friend, so in business I never expected anything less. My first session with Zaina had helped me. She listened, she was compassionate.
It’s not the fact that she listened, it was the questions she asked. Questions that allowed yourself to view your situation from a whole new perspective. Which left those unanswered questions or feelings with a sense of direction…….
After the first session till my next session, I felt a HUGE with no exaggeration, sense of relief where I found my self having been relieved of this guilt I harbored from that tragic event. As I continue with Zaina it’s been nothing but positivity in my life. Providing, I do my part.

Khadijah - Canada

Zaina was a great coach for me in my life !!!… She drove me to open up and understand my self by a lot of her techniques and studies. I really suggest everyone to try to work with her!

Nisreen - Canada

It was great having Zaina as a coach. She is very patient and understanding. She gave me tools that helped me break down a long term goal of mine into manageable steps. She also gave me tips on time management.  I am feeling much more confident as a result of my sessions with her.
Lisa - Canada

Zaina helped me to get through the most difficult period of my life. I am truly grateful for her deep understanding of psychology and her compassionate, wise, loving manner.

Halima - New Zealand

Zaina offered me coaching after my daughter was born, and it helped me a lot to rediscover my will and strength. Zaina is someone who is very attentive and she will surely help you search deeply within yourself, in order to regain your strength and will, as well as your physical and moral form. Thanks for everything, Zaina.

Mehdia - Canada

Zaina has been a great help to me in terms of contemplating what I want to do with my future and giving me the steps to achieve what I want. Zaina is very supportive and encouraging.

Mina - USA

I had many struggles that I was facing when I started speaking with Zaina.
She helped me get very in-tuned with myself, what My capabilities were, what I was able to accomplish, and my mindset. The encouragement and motivation she gave me helped me believe more in myself. Which In turn allowed me to be a better, wife, mother, co-worker, and friend.

Crystal Zehimi (Canada)

Speaking with Zaina is always a serene experience, her voice is so calming and you leave your sessions feeling so calm and peaceful. She is an extremely kind and caring coach, with beautiful insights and the ability to help you untangle your thoughts.

Um Ismael (Ottawa, Canada)

I had a laser coaching session on a specific business initiative I was grappling with, wondering which way to go with it. With just 3 steps I was guided in removing the clutter that was hindering me from tapping into my intuitive voice. I immediately knew, with 100% certitude, what I needed to do. Thank you

Victoria (Canada)