Bumping Into My Ego

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Mind unset, Reflective

Every now and then, I get an opportunity to bump into my ego. Yes I did say opportunity.

You see when I bump into my ego amazing things happen. They might not always feel so amazing, but they end up amazing me one way or another. You see bumping into my ego is an opportunity…it allows me to see my blind spots…of course that is when I am open to noticing them.

These blind spots are where I get caught up and don’t even notice it! It is where I innocently fall into my ego thinking and find myself in a tango with either an insecure submissive or dominant reactive state. Possibly getting lost there, until I notice it. It is in these times I am most grateful, when I find myself noticing that I have bumped into my Ego. It might feel like a kicking and screaming battle at times, but I gain so much the moment I notice it. You see when I notice I am caught up in my ego thinking, something amazing happens…I return to my innate sane state again. The moment the ego blind spot is noticed, the ego thinking inevitably falls away, and I suddenly gain clarity and a serene state of mind that allows me to grow from that point. One blind spot down at a time. I find myself in a place of a deeper self awareness, understanding and love for myself and for The Greater Planner of it all. I find myself again in gratitude for enlightenment in facing my own ego. I only find myself humbled yet stronger by the experience. And it only grows upward from there.

So yes! I look forward to any opportunity I may once again bump into my Ego. One blind spot at a time…I embrace it, and because I am aware and in acceptance of how human I am, I know we shall meet again, hoping that I will continue to notice when it happens.