Chasing a Rainbow

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Coaching, Mind unset, Reflective, Spiritual

Are you chasing a rainbow 🌈hoping to achieve a particular state of mind?

You can never run to a rainbow and get there can you?  There is nowhere to get to.

It is like state of mind, or feeling.

You experience them in the moment via thought.

We imagine at the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold. If we could only get there we would get to experience it.

Like that pot of gold, the object of our thinking that a particular state of mind or reality is a place to get to, can only be experienced in the moment.

Feeling… state of mind , mood, attitude are not constant, they are always happening and always changing. They are all experienced in the moment.

“All feeling, whether positive or negative, derives and comes alive from the power of Thought.”

~ Sydney Banks

Feelings, state of mind regardless if they are negative or positive, are always coming from thought, in the moment.

That is actually really helpful to know!

You don’t need to get anywhere first or do anything to feel a certain way, because nothing other than Thought in the moment causes your feelings. This is how we all have a psychological experience of life… via Thought. That takes a whole lot of doing and chasing out of our way.

~ Zaina

Photo credit: Marion Michele