Drowning in Thought

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Mind unset, Reflective, Spiritual

Are you drowning in the content of your thinking? 

Lost down in the reality your thoughts are creating for you? 

Are you replaying this reality over and over in your mind…feeling every moment of it and it’s intensity? 

Submerged into the story and following it wherever it goes? 

Questioning it, analyzing it, believing it to be true? Frustrated, overwhelmed, consumed? 

How amazing is thought…and the stories we live through our own personal thinking. The emotions we feel while experiencing those thoughts, that drive the behaviours and actions we find ourself falling into over and over again. 

We are feeling thinking human beings, experiencing the world around us from the inside out. We have innocently been fooled into believing we are having a direct experience of life…but we are actually having a direct experience of our own thinking about life…moment to moment.

Thought is amazing, powerful it is…it creates our experience for us and all the feelings that come with it.

Stop and see…notice the power of thought. For once you notice this truth, you will eventually awaken to even beyond.

With awareness, gratitude and in awe of The Source of it all!