Everyone makes mistakes !

by | Aug 4, 2019 | Coaching, Mind unset, Reflective

Everyone makes mistakes!

We all work the same

We all sometimes lose sight of Thought in our experience. Assigning something or someone the target of our feelings, then finding ourself reacting to our own insecurity.

Everyone of us!

Imagine if you could see yourself without the judgment?

Imagine if you could see others without that judgment too?

We are all humans having a human experience of life through our own thinking in the moment.

If we could embrace the truth of

How We All

are having a psychological experience moment to moment of this life, we would naturally be more loving, forgiving, with ourselves and with others.

When we are in judgment of a person for them having their own psychological slip up, we tend to react by putting our feelings about our judgmental thinking onto them as the cause. When both people are reacting to their own thinking/feelings they have both lost sight of logic. But if one person, one person held onto their sanity by understanding how they were experiencing their own feelings at that moment via thought, they would not be in reaction to the other persons temporary insanity. They would see it as it is, that person is feeling their thinking in the moment and not factoring in thought to their experience.

That persons feelings/thoughts and reaction will pass!

You are not responsible for them seeing their slip of insanity in the moment, but it’s so helpful when you can see your own.

And because you see your own, you are aware that the very same thing that happens for you at times is happening to them at the moment.

Talk about a break in a dysfunctional cycle of misunderstandings!

~ Zaina

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Photo credit: Abigail Keenan