How does experience work psychologically?

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Coaching, Mind unset, Reflective, Spiritual

Thought in the moment is the origin of all human experience.

Insightfully seeing this allows us to go beyond the limitations of our insecure thinking, worried thinking, egotistical thinking, angry thinking, fearful thinking, habitual thinking, the stories or limiting beliefs we are thinking, and believing that we need to avoid or get to a certain feeling, state of mind, or reality.

Feelings/experience/mood/state of mind are coming from thought in the moment.

We are living in the feeling of our thinking, moment to moment.

Seeing this constant, reliable source of where our feelings are coming from – thought in the moment… renders all other sources of feeling impossible.

The implications of something rendered impossible is that they are no longer useful. Therefore what is useless drops away as it no longer makes sense to think about.

This allows us to spend less time caught in trying to figure out, analyze, trying to change, avoid, or run after any particular thinking/feelings. In other words all the mental chatter and clutter, falls away.

When we don’t have a mind full of clutter, we immerse in the now, with a serene sense of being in the moment.

It is extremely helpful to rely on this innate self correcting system of our mind.

We are emotionally, psychologically and spiritually resilient human beings.

I work with individuals and groups helping them explore and rely on their own resilience.

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