How to Get a Powerful Client Testimonial

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Entrepreneurs

A powerful client testimonial can showcase your expertise and how you’ve helped others, while also serving as an important marketing tool. Testimonials are a piece in the marketing puzzle.

You have heard of marketing by word of mouth? Well having testimonials is similar to word from mouth marketing and referral marketing.

A testimonial highlights your clients results during their coaching experience with you, offering a potential client a glimpse of what working with you could be like for them. Whether you receive a testimonial from 1-1 sessions or from a program that your client has done with you, it will help you inspire potential new clients to connect to you, and discover what you are all about.

As a coach and a business owner, a client testimonial is worth it’s weight in gold – they’re priceless.

Always ask a client for a testimonial and their permission to use it in social media, on your website and in other marketing campaigns.

When creating a testimonial together be authentic.

It should mirror your client’s experience of working with you and be from their heart.

Ask your client the right questions to guide them on what to write and to focus on the results you want to showcase. But most importantly, ask for that testimonial at the right time…when your client is fresh with the impact from their coaching experience such as immediately after an awesome session, have a breakthrough or major shift . Capture their words right then and there when they’re feeling empowered and positive.

Here are 9 questions to consider to help you receive a powerful client testimonial. Start by asking your client to answer these questions from the heart, as openly and honestly as possible.

  1. What were you specifically looking to get out of coaching? Or a program like this?
  2. What was the obstacle or the hesitation that would have prevented you from taking coaching sessions? Or from taking a program?
  3. What was revealed to you as a result of taking that step into investing in coaching sessions with me? Or in this program?
  4. What was most impactful in your personal or professional life about our coaching sessions? Or this program?
  5. What are the top three results you achieved from our coaching sessions? Or this program?
  6. Where did you surprise yourself in reaching with these coaching sessions? Or this program?
  7. Would you recommend others to work with me? Or this program? If so, why?
  8. What is it that sets working with me apart from other coaches you might have worked with or considered to work with? Or similar programs you might have considered or
    done? What is it that you value about that?
  9. Is there anything you’d like to add?

The objective of this interview is to combine these answers into a testimonial statement. You can ask them to write the testimony following the flow of their answers. Or you can offer to use the answers they gave you, word for word as best as you can to create that testimony for them. Then, share it with your client to confirm that it truly captures what they want to say and receive their final approval.

Once you have the testimonial, use it to help potential clients understand what it’s like working with you. Add it to your website, showcase it in your social media business pages, and use it when promoting your programs and coaching services. You could even go further and develop some into case studies.

Remember always ask every client for their testimonial, and that everyone who reads a testimonial about you is a potential client.


(Article by: Zaina Della Porta originally published in The Canadian Coach)