How We Innocently Oppress Ourselves…

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Coaching, Mind unset, Reflective, Spiritual

When we are caught in misunderstanding of how we are psychologically and spiritually experiencing life moment to moment, we are innocently subjecting ourselves to mental distress. While we feel caught there believing it to be the truth of our experience, our reality, we find ourselves in dis-ease with whatever is going on with us, others or around us. Feeling unsafe, insecure, not okay. Whenever we are caught up in this misunderstanding we will find ourselves ‘doing’ everything and anything out of fear of our experience. We look to avoid, fix, analyze, figure out, change, escape, challenge, prove, disconnect, or even run away from our experience. Reacting from an egotistical state of mind. 

What is so helpful to understand here is that we are actually not bound to this mental distress. In fact the moment we have realization that we are in a misunderstanding with ‘how’ we are experiencing our situation, we resiliently bounce back into our innate mental wellbeing. 

Aligned in the Truth of how we psychologically and spiritually experience life moment to moment, that oppression, dis-ease, insecurity, falls away. 

We are immersed in the now, safe, secure, healthy, free. 

Photo Credit: Sydney Sims