This is the missing link to dieting and weight loss!

Breakthrough your emotional eating, the cravings, addictions, and self sabotage.  Free your mind from the overwhelm and frustration with the ups and downs of dieting.

 Intuitive eating – Food for thought

Free your mind from emotional Eating!



  • Intuitvely Eating what your body needs, and when it needs it
  • While effortlessly dropping the weight
  • Improving and healing your mind, body and spirit
  • Food and Eating will intuitively become second nature to you as breathing
  • Diets are always changing….but this is a permanent shift, that is life changing

Come and join this truly healing, and freeing transformational journey right now!

What is this program?

Intuitive Eating-Food for Thought Program is truly the missing link.

This program is NOT a diet!
You can be on any plan of eating you choose and take this program, and have an amazing life changing transformation.
Rather than focusing on what we eat, and exercise (both great choices for a healthy lifestyle) in this program we are looking at our emotions around food.
All the thinking going on around food…Cravings, binge eating, restricting, obsessing over the scale with daily/weekly weigh-ins, comfort food, and addiction.

Getting back to intuitively eating what your body needs, when your body needs it.

This program is for Deep Healing from the Source, and not a surface, quick fix, band-aid, to do…kind of thing.

What would it mean for you to master all the ‘emotions going on’ around food?

What would it mean for you to breakthrough all the ‘thinking going on’ around food, and your weight?

What would it mean for you to just eat, and it be simply a choice?

How open are you to letting go of everything you think you know and opening up your mind to fresh new insight?

This program is for women, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, who want to free their mind from emotional eating, once and for all!

Come take this journey with me and women worldwide. This opportunity is for women who are ready to try something new, and looking for big shifts only.

Come and Breakthrough Your Emotional Eating!

Created by Serene Lifestyle Coaching

I started coaching women with health, fitness and weight loss over 10 years ago. After my own life long, life threatening battle with my weight and successfully losing half my body weight.

Everything I had studied and coached, was about calories-in and calories-out, whole foods, clean eating, exercise, and yes there was also mindset and motivation.

Just like my own success, many women were also very successful in achieving their goals.

However even when those goals were achieved, there was still an emotional struggle left for many of us.

Every program out there was either the new diet, or exercise plan, all great, but yet none truly helpful for helping with the source of the battle, and the lifelong emotions that would come along with that.

There was definitely a missing link that I was even battling with and had not successfully found help for.

Stuck in the cycle of losing, then gaining some back, always having to keep up with what I was eating.

Until now.

After a lot of prayer, studies, and along my own personal journey for healing, I was blessed with a huge life changing insight.

As that insight deepened, things truly shifted for me. I had always wanted my weight and food to be second nature to me as simple as breathing….and that is exactly how I would describe what has happened.

What is so beautiful about this insight, is that it continually grew, and deepened in all areas of my life.

I put this program together to share this journey with you, and share this huge insight, it’s simplicity, and beauty.

The Intuitive Eating-Food for Thought Program is definitely the missing link out there.
To help free your mind, and breakthrough your own emotional eating once and for all!


Big insights at only halfway through the program!

I recommend the Intuitive Eating – Food for Thought Program to anyone who has tried various ways to enhance their health through food without the results they were hoping for. Perhaps you’ve tried various forms of dieting or feel overwhelmed by all your beliefs attached to food. Most programs focus on food alone. On this journey, I have learnt a whole new way of looking at food. Instead of solely worrying about what I am putting into my mouth all the time and having all kinds of thoughts related to food, I have changed my approach. I’ve become more aware of my feelings of hunger and satiety. I’ve come to appreciate my body’s ability of knowing what it needs to nourish itself and in what quantity. I’m trusting my own insights. Eating a meal has become a much more appreciated and joyful experience. Being in the present, taking time to taste, smell, observe the texture and colour of the food I eat has helped me realize what Allah has created (food) to nourish our bodies SubhanAllah. At the end, I feel more satisfied and less full. I’ve come to realize also that my feelings of comfort and dependency on certain foods are not coming from the food itself, but from my thoughts in the moment. This is a whole new revelation for me. Not attaching feelings to things from the outside such as food is very liberating. I look forward to continuing this journey with Oum Chouaib and the other sisters inchaAllah.
-LIsa D. (Canada)

I’m only halfway through the program, but I have noticed some major changes in the way I’m making food choices. Being more aware of my thoughts around eating has opened up a new awareness as to how food makes my body feel. I find myself wanting to feel good after eating, rather than just shoving food in my mouth as quickly as possible. I’ve slowed down my eating, and am much more aware of my thoughts around food alhamdulillah.
~Um Ismael (Canada)

I approached Sister Oum Chouaib from Serene Lifestyle Coaching, because I was interested in her Intuitive Eating – Food for Thought programme.
Having struggled with my weight for the last 7 years I have found the Intuitive Eating – Food for Thought programme helped me, by me being more mindful of what and how I was eating and my thoughts on food generally.
The results so far, have been phenomenal with me, knowing what I’m eating and actually have an inner relationship with food. I find I am eating less and eating my food as food and not just to fill a void.
One thing I liked was sister Oum Chouaib`s soothing voice on the audios and the way she has put the programme together in small bite size chunks to reflect back on
I found the experience so helpful that it has given me an amazing breakthrough with my food and eating habits and that is why I would recommend the programme to people who need to be more in tune with their body, eating habits and overall health and wellbeing.

-Rozina Khan (U.K.)

The Intuitive Eating – Food for Thought Program has helped me see the amount of thinking I have been having around food and how I didn’t necessarily have to pay attention to those thoughts.
I was able to learn the sunnah way of eating from a whole new perspective, making it easy to actually put it into practice SubhanAllah, and so simple to follow.
This has been a mindset shift that will stay as a permanent lifestyle change and not just a quick fix solution to weight loss.
The most brilliant aspect of this program is that it lets us get in touch with our natural disposition and the way our bodies are created, as we learn to identify the difference between what our bodies need (nourishment) and want (cravings).
-Umm Rayyan (UAE)

I am so glad I decided to take part in the Intuitive Eating – Food for Thought program, I am committed to my health and mindfully choosing how I look after myself, I didn’t realise the importance of healing with the mind and not ALLOWING BIG THINKING to get in the way. I love the fact it’s not a diet, it’s just allowing yourself to react to our natural food cravings, keeping it simple and eating when hungry and not mindlessly snacking or hiding behind comfort food.
– Razwana Yousaf, Scotland UK

It goes beyond food…

I think that this concept, experiencing life through our thinking in the moment, is becoming more and more clear to me now. For example, when I start to feel any uncomfortable feeling such as stress, I tell myself (am aware) that it is not due to anything coming from the exterior but rather from my thinking at that moment only. Its so liberating and simple. I don’t try to overanalyse every emotion and thought that I have anymore….so they don’t pile up as much causing me great anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed. This used to happen to me all the time, and it would get to a point where I was stuck, frozen from fear and could not think with clarity. My mind feels more rested now and I am becoming more efficient by being present in the moment.
-Lisa D. (Canada)

 I have felt less overwhelmed since starting the Intuitive Eating – Food for Thought program 4 weeks ago in all aspects of life.
‘My thought in the moment creates my feelings, not the things external to me’- it was difficult for me to understand this concept. I kept thinking about it and thinking…but what about this and what about that?
But finally as I trusted in the process and listened with an open mind to the audio recordings again, I found myself recognizing my thoughts in the moment in my interactions with people, emails, and even text messages. It has been a blessing. As I let go of those thoughts I become lighter and gained freedom.
Thank you for this program Oum Chouaib. I can see the benefits not only in my eating, weight and health but in many aspects of my life, especially in my relationship with myself, my children and others.
-Christine (Canada)

You have one life to live, lets live it!

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