Let’s talk about trauma

by | Aug 3, 2019 | Coaching, Mind unset, Reflective, Spiritual

When you artificially split feeling from thought, you become in a state of insecurity and psychological trauma. ~Zaina

“The sickness of the mind are feelings that we create and put onto objects. But if you see the objects without the feelings, then you are healthy” ~Sydney Banks

Events happen throughout our lives and sometimes we will experience an act or wronging done to us or to someone else.

What is most helpful to know is HOW we psychologically have an experience of these circumstances.

How we only get to have an experience of anything in this life is via the power of Thought. We are feeling our thinking in the moment.

Nothing other than the power of Thought has the power to make us feel anything.

That does not take away that we experience, and that what was done was wrong, it is pointing to How we experience

“Someone once said to me, ‘Are you telling me that chair isn’t real, that it’s only thought?’ I said ‘Of course the chair is real. But it comes to you via Thought” ~Sydney Banks

“You can’t even be aware of creation without the presence of Thought” ~Sydney Banks

Relying on this constant, pre-existing truth and insightfully seeing it, is our automatic self-filtering system of the mind.

It is what brings us out of insecurity or dis-ease and back into well-being.

It is what allows us to be psychologically, emotionally and spiritually resilient.

Our resilience is not what we have gone through, or how many times we have had gone through those experiences, it is that we bounce back into our psychological well being.

“Mind is not brain. Neither is it a thing or a thought. It is a psychic force which acts as a catalyst and turns thought, whatever conscious or unconscious, into the reality you now see” ~Sydney Banks

When we have gone down the road of artificially splitting feeling from thought and putting power onto what has happened to us as the source of our feelings, we become immersed in that psychological trauma. It Imprints itself into our beliefs and body. Whether conscious or subconscious, we will always find ourselves in reaction to that insecurity. Whether it is in our bodies with physical unease, pain and illness, flash-back memories or intense feelings. The longer we are caught in the misunderstanding of how we experience, and we are holding onto the event that has happened as the cause of our feelings, we remain in a struggle.

Sometimes even though we have awareness of how we experience life… that feelings are coming from thought in the moment. We still don’t insightfully see it with that particular matter. When or how we will come to see it, is not within our control. Actually there are many areas of our life that we are not noticing it, yet it always remains constantly and reliably there.

I can say that no matter where and when, that when we do have insight into where our feelings are coming from, all the feelings and thinking drops. And that is humbling… I express it as a levelling up and levelling down all at the same time. Levelling up in awareness and awe of The One Who Created you. And levelling down in humility while it exposes to you your own ego.

This is resilience. It is your psychological , emotional, and spiritual resilience.

It is your birthright.