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Zaina is a Transformative Personal and Professional Life Coach; Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Mentor; ICF Credentialed PCC level Coach and Coach Mentor; ACNN accredited Naturotherapist; Three Principles as a Paradigm Facilitator and Mentor; Co-Director at the 3D Coaching Academy; Co-Author, who supports intuitive self-aware women all over the world in all areas of life… debunking how they are experiencing life, so that they emerge in their inherent qualities of resilience, confidence, creativity with flow.

My Personal Transformation

I have always been a go-getter, always capable to create what I want for myself and step right into it… even throughout what seemed to be the most challenging times of my life. I would have considered myself “resilient”… until I finally discovered what resilience truly is…

The understanding of how our mind works came to me at a pivotal time in my life. I had been left debilitated from an illness, unable to physically function as I once had. It appeared to me as though I would have to now surrender to the limitations that this illness had put on me. The doctors did not have any hope for my recovery… but I did.

I intuitively believed that there was more… that there was a possibility for complete healing. I did not know how it was going to happen, but I believed it would… and this is when everything started to evolve, this is where the journey of my healing began. I sought out alternative healing for my illness, and things began to change with my physical limitations. Soon after, I discovered The Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. I insightfully understood that my experience of life is coming from thought in the moment… that nobody, or nothing other than thought in the moment ever had the power to dictate how I feel. That turned everything I thought I knew about life on its head!

…This is when I finally understood that Resilience is NOT bound to circumstance or the past, and the implications of this were huge! Years of misunderstanding, all the thinking, beliefs, biases and limitations now suddenly made no sense… in fact, they became illogical. Whole categories of thinking that I once had, ones that weighed heavy on my mind, literally dropped off as they were no longer useful, nor did it even made sense to think that way anymore. In fact, the more often I found myself in alignment with how my mental experience of life worked, the more obvious how it also did not work was revealed to me.

I began to notice all kinds of thinking I had in life about how being motivated, confident, resilient, mental health, creativity, and clarity were all NOT something to achieve. These things all inherently showed up built into the thinking I was having when I was aligned with the reliable system that gives us our experience of life in the moment. It was not a sort of ‘doing’ or ‘achieving’ understanding anymore, and it really shifted and simplified life. In fact, to this day every time I have insight in this direction, it continues to evolve me.

Sydney Banks Quote:

“The sickness of the mind are feelings that we create and put onto objects. But if you see the objects without the feelings, then you are healthy.”

These objects can be anything in life; circumstances, relationships, the behaviours of others, decisions, drugs, money, food, health, the past, future thinking, beliefs, you!

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