Zaina Della Porta, n.d. PCC

I have always been a go-getter; somehow resilient through whatever came my way. I was capable to create what I wanted and step into it… even through what seemed to be the most challenging times of my life.


I have had life changing realizations in a simple understanding of how we psychologically experience life. A pre-existing truth that does all the heavy lifting every time I have insight into where my experience is coming from in the moment. This has shifted everything for me, and continues to change all areas of my life with each and every insight in that direction. It’s simplicity and reliability effortlessly brings me back into the now. Now I realize the source of true resilience through this simple understanding. 


My Background…


I first started coaching over 10 years ago, after my own personal full body transformation and weight loss. My focus was coaching women in wellness, mindset, motivation and transformation with a Holistic approach. Over the years as I evolved, so did my coaching. I specialized as an ASD Support Worker, and started working within the school board, as an inclusion worker for children with Autism, ADHD and learning disabilities. My work was to help them meet their individual objectives, while fostering inclusion within the classroom. I often worked with children who were non-verbal; listening and connecting with them on a much deeper level.


I decided a few years ago to go for my credentialing with the ICF, after finding myself passionate with emotional and cultural intelligence, I wanted to work with leaders and other coaches. I took my Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator training with The Rayner Institute, where I later had opportunity to co-facilitate their program.

My Transformation…

The most pivitol shift in my life was a personal one. It came into my path at a the best time for me. This shifted my whole understanding of how I am experiencing life, of myself and others. The implications of this understanding have a profound ripple effect on my life in every aspect. The Three Principles of Mind Thought and Consciousness, as a paradigmatic pre-existing truth in how we experience life moment to moment, allowed me to have a whole new understanding of resilience. Now I knew what I had already kind of known and relied on, but now it had become insightfully understood.


Since this insightful shift in understanding how I am experiencing life, I find myself ‘Being’ in the moment showing up to what shows up, and flowing freely through the process. Like putting the pen to paper… and flowing with its movement… but having no more need of attachment to the outcome, but rather: Open to what is.


Are you ready to have your own life shifting insights in how you psychologically experience life? Freeing your mind while ‘Being’ in the flow of life, and what you can create?





Transformative Personal and Professional Life Coach, certified Executive Leadership Coach and Mentor, Three Principles Paradigm facilitator and mentor, inspirational writer and spiritual being.


Associated with…


ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach


Natrotherapist with The Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada. Holistic Practitioner- International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. Professional member of the Three Principles Paradigm. EmotionalPreneur ‘Leading from within’ Coach for Entrepreneurial Muslimah. Creator, facilitator and mentor of Flourishing Coaches Mentoring Circle. Effortless Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Resilience – with the Three Principles Paradigm for the Coach and from the Coaching Perspective. CEO of Enlightened Hearts Collective.