Zaina Della Porta n.d.

I have always been a go-getter; resilient through whatever came my way. I was capable to create what I wanted and step into it… even through what seemed to be the most challenging times of my life. I still carry this with me and I am drawn to work with other like-minded individuals who are looking to create.

My Story…

I first started coaching over 10 years ago, after my own personal full body transformation and weight loss. My focus was coaching women in wellness, mindset, motivation and transformation.

Over the years I evolved, and so did my coaching. I specialized as an ASD Support Worker, and started to work within the school board, coaching children with Autism, ADHD and learning disabilities. My work was to meet their individual objectives and help them integrate into the classroom. I often times worked with children who were non-verbal; listening and connecting to them on a much deeper level, and I was fully enjoying my career. Then, suddenly, I was hit with a debilitating illness: One which left me dependent on a wheelchair, and cut off from the outside world. The doctors told me that the prognosis was that I would not likely recover to where I was before, and it would be long-term. I spent years in that state, limited to what looked like my new future life…

But, I was always a fighter, and I came to realize to do what I do best: I stepped up. Wholeheartedly, I believed that I was going to create the impossible… I would be cured… I would create a life that I would passionately live… and I would be whoever, and do whatever I wanted for myself. And, yes, I would make an impact on this world with my service to others.

With conviction I prayed to my Creator and asked Him for complete healing. I sought out to create this, and again, dove deep down into my own inner strength to get my life and mobility back.

Everything started falling into place: physically, emotionaly and spiritually. I intuitively took a leap and stepped right into my new life. From there, I keep going; Creating possibilities, stepping into them, and ‘being.’

‘Being’ in a continual state of showing up to what comes up, and flowing freely through the process.

Like putting the pen to paper… and flowing with its movement… but having no attachment to the outcome, but rather: Open to what can be.

Are you ready to step into ‘being’? Showing up to life? Freeing your mind? Being free in the flow of life, and what you can create?

I am an expert in helping innate leaders create possibility from what ‘seems’ impossible. I am a highly intuitive high-achiever who: Is in tune with both herself, and others… and who confidently believes in creating constant possibility for both myself, and those who I chose to work with.


Transformative Personal and Professional Life Coach, certified Executive Leadership Coach and Mentor, Three Principles Paradigm facilitator, inspirational writer and spiritual being.

Associated with…

ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach

Natrotherapist with The Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada. Holistic Practitioner- International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. EmotionalPreneur ‘Leading from within’ Coach for Entrepreneurial Muslimah. Creator, facilitator and mentor of Flourishing Coaches Mentoring Circle. Proud active member and writer with The Canadian Coach.