My Authentic Self

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Mind unset, Spiritual

Always do what is true to you,

Say what YOU believe,

Be unique as that is how you were fashioned by
The One Who created you.

Free your mind from the illusion that something other than thought creates your experience.

When we believe our feelings are created by other than thought in the moment we get stuck in people pleasing, conforming, taking on other peoples thoughts.
When we are stuck in that illusion…
We start to live and do as others think we should, or how we think they would like us to be, we start to follow against who we are…to become what someone else might want us, or tell us to be.

Being Authentic, is being YOU. It is when you are noticing the true nature of thought. That you are living in the feelings of your thinking in the moment. We are blessed with thought and feelings come from our thought. Each and every one of us is blessed with our own thinking that creates our own feelings and experience of the life around us. That we are all living in separate realities. What a blessing that is. How freeing it is knowing that I don’t need to think like you, and you don’t need to think like me, that we are never thinking the exact same, that my feelings are not created by anything or anyone on the outside. They are created from thought in the moment. How powerful is that? How freeing is that…how Authentic is that!