That Needy Friend…

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Mind unset, Reflective

You know the friends that just call you when they need something…

They call you whenever they might be able to use your help, advice, or to just vent to about whatever is on their mind.

Maybe it once occurred to you that they have never called to ask about you, or showed curiosity and interest in what you are up to.

You know those people in your life… friend, sibling, colleague or perhaps even a parent.

When you are outside-in you are trying to figure out what to do about them in your life, how to change this from happening… it appears as a problem that you need to fix, because it is driving you nuts!

When you are inside-out, you are available to your common sense and own wisdom. That common sense might just let you know, that is where they are at, and there might not be anything you care to change about that relationship… or maybe you might.

Whatever makes sense will occur to you when needed, whenever you are just face to face with what is happening without it being the target of your feelings in the moment.

We are always feeling our thinking about the circumstance, and sometimes that might not appear evident to us in that moment, but what is reliable💯of the time, is that it only works one way!