The AHA! Moment in Experience…

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Coaching, Mind unset, Reflective, Spiritual

The AHA! Moment in Experience

When we talk about insight, most people think about it as a positive thinking kind of insight. 

Like having a new perspective on something. 

Although that is a realization, 

I am talking about a deeper insight here. 

An insight that implies no perspective taking needed. 

An insight that is not asking a guessing question of what might have happened, not challenging if (that perspective) is true and not looking at choosing the new perspective we would like to see it as.

Rather I am talking about an insight that looks at ‘how we are experiencing’ our circumstance in the moment; and seeing in an insightful way… am I including Thought in my experience?

What about Thought?

We psychologically and spiritually experience life through Thought. 

Feelings are coming from thought in the moment 💯 of the time. 

We don’t have a direct experience of our circumstance, we have a direct experience of our thinking about the circumstance in the moment.

As humans we often fall into misunderstanding with this, and it tends to look to us that the circumstance is what is creating our feeling in the moment. 

Whenever we are in that misunderstanding we are headed into a ‘problem’, until we are gifted with insight into How we are rightfully experiencing that circumstance, via Thought in the moment. 

It only works one way! 

That insight is deeper and more beneficial to us than, staying in that misunderstanding, wishing it would solve itself, or having a new perspective on this ‘problem’. Because when you insightfully see how you are experiencing that circumstance in the moment via Thought, the problematic aspect of the ‘problem’, is no more problematic and it falls away. 

That is super helpful! 

It allows you to bounce back into the now, and see circumstance without your feelings attached to it.

I would explain that as seeing clearly the circumstance in front of you! 

It allows you to face whatever needs to be done or not. 

Because whatever is needed normally becomes very clear to you with the absence of that problematic thinking. 

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Peace and Love

~ Zaina x