The Biggest Barrier in Communication…

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Coaching, Entrepreneurs, Mind unset, Reflective

(Photo Credit: Trung Thahn)

The biggest barrier in communication is the lack of awareness when it comes to separate realities.

People often communicate to have the other person see what they are saying, holding that their perspective is the right one! Even if that is not conscious to them. 

They try to get the other person to understand them, or maybe even think like them. 

If the other person does not, they feel at odds with that person who is holding the ‘wrong perspective of things.’

They might not be able to accept or might look to try to figure out how to accept that person just can not see things ‘the way they really are’!

When we can’t hold separate realities, let alone see that everyone is always having their own experience of what has happened… their own reality of what has happened, we can never really communicate.

Communication without awareness of separate realities, is really just talking at someone.

While communication that embraces diverse realities, is talking with someone. 

Talking with someone does not mean we agree with their perspective, but it does mean we are looking to understand that persons unique perspective. It is not looking at one perspective as the right perspective. It is in absence of judgment of the right or wrong perspective, and in openness to that there is always diverse perspectives. 

That is how we all operate. 

Each and every one of us can only have an experience of life via thought in the moment. 

We are all living in the feelings of our individual, diverse thinking, in the moment.

When we can see how we have a reality of circumstance, and we are aligned with how we are experiencing that in the moment.

Not only do we become available to listen in understanding of diverse perspectives without any judgment, we are also listening to what is, without judgment.