When I Get That Villa in Spain…

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Coaching, Entrepreneurs, Mind unset, Reflective

When I get that Villa in Spain…

If I know that closing that big account, buying that 2019 Mercedes Benz AMZ GT, or building that custom made villa in the mountains of Spain will make me really happy… How come that feeling of excitement does not last? I mean, I do feel excited in anticipation and even when I get what I want, but eventually that excitement fades?

(Disclaimer… I don’t exactly have any of those, but wouldn’t that be nice !😉)

Although it honestly appears to us that having what we want will make us feel happy, there is an innocent misunderstanding in that.

You see Happiness is not coming from what you have/own, or anything else for that matter.

Happiness…. no I am not going to say…. ‘happiness is from within’✌️ 

Phew !😅 Although it really is.

Happiness is a feeling, and that is not how you have an experience of your feelings.

We are always living in the feelings of our thinking in the moment. 

All our psychological experience of anything and everything in this life comes to us via the power of Thought in the moment. 

We do want and have things, but we get to experience wanting and having, and the actual thing via Thought in the moment.

We feel happy or excited thinking about whatever it is we are thinking about. 

If that exciting thinking is there… we are feeling it, in that very moment. 

Whatever thinking we have, we feel in the moment. That is how we have an experience of anything and everything, in the moment.

Because we are often in a misunderstanding with the logic and wisdom of How we psychologically experience life, (it is all part of being human 🤪) we tend to attach the feeling believing it was suppose to be coming from what we have, and wonder what happened 🤷‍♀️ when it fades, then we are looking for something else…. a better Mercedes, a bigger Villa, and more $$$ in order to get that excitement again!

But I am really feeling excited when I am driving my new Mercedes, surely that’s coming from having and driving my new Mercedes, right!?!

Well you ARE most definitely feeling excited driving in your new Mercedes, that is definitely happening, but I am pointing to How you are having that experience. You are feeling your excited thinking in the moment. The excitement is NOT coming to you directly from driving your Mercedes. 

How does Understanding this help me?

Great question!

Understanding the reliable constant of how we psychologically experience life moment to moment has immense implications on our well being.

Because when you can see how something works from how it doesn’t work, that eliminates the misunderstanding, and with that a whole bunch of unnecessary insecure thinking falls away. We immediately immerse in alignment with How it only works One Way! That our feelings are coming from thought in the moment. 

Then logically the misunderstanding that feelings are coming from something other than thought in the moment, becomes illogical. 

We are right back into a secure place with our feelings. 

We are no more looking to get a feeling from what we have, or when that feeling of excitement passes we are not looking to get it from something else.

And yes, we still feel excited feelings, but without the insecurity behind them.

How free is that!