Why Aren’t We Intrinsically Motivated?

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Coaching, Entrepreneurs, Mind unset

Everyone would love to be able to rely on their intrinsic motivation, because the implications of that are huge when it comes to productivity, perseverance, and reaching and attaining goals.


One of the biggest problems people tell me they have is not being motivated to start, or get to what they need to do with any particular objective.

With the very thought of doing anything, they feel overwhelmed and get stuck from being able to take that first step.

Sometimes they say they don’t like what they have to do to get what they want… that they are just not enjoying it, so that is why they don’t do what needs to be done. Even though they really want the desired outcome, they somehow just don’t feel motivated.


People are avoiding or looking for a particular feeling in order to be motivated by searching for what can first make them feel a particular way to continue on towards an objective, whether that ‘something’ is an object or simply another way of ‘thinking’ about it.  

People are constantly looking at: “How can I be more motivated?”and “What can I do to keep motivated so that I may attain my objective?”…


In this article I am going to really attempt to help you by pointing you in a very different direction than the average ‘what to do to get there’ article would. Those types of articles end up adding so much unnecessary thinking to where we, as humans, already are at a misunderstanding with. Plus, honestly… it is easier than you think.


I will point you towards Truth in Understanding How we psychologically and spiritually experience Life…

I will point you towards insight: Insight about our thinking about motivation… Rather than: Insight on ‘how to be more motivated’.


The implications of insight about our thinking about motivation are so deep and the impact is that you inherently evolve.

The first piece we must factor in is how we get to have a psychological and spiritual experience from anything and everything in this life, and that is via; Thought.


“We are always living in the feelings of our thinking in the moment.” – Valda Monroe


We could not have any experience of life without Thought. We feel our thinking in the moment about everything in this life.


You are feeling your thinking in the moment about motivation and being motivated. You are feeling your thinking about whatever it is you want, or need to be doing. You are feeling your thinking about getting started with it. You are feeling your thinking about enjoying or not enjoying it.

The feelings you are having are always coming from the power of Thought, and this is how we experience everything, via Thought in the moment.

When we are in a misunderstanding with this, believing that something other than thought is making us feel what we are feeling, we are in a dis-ease with it. We desperately look for what we need to do about it… looking for what will “motivate us” in order to just get it done.


It is only when we can insight-fully see that we are caught in a misunderstanding with how we are experiencing any matter, that we are aligned back to the truth of how it only works one way; that we are feeling our thinking in the moment. A realisation here evolves us passed where we seemed stuck procrastinating.


All the reasons for not being motivated for anything become useless to you when you have insight here, just the same way as the reasons to become motivated do.


Whenever you Insight-fully see the logic and wisdom of how you are experiencing anything, it enlightens you and aligns you with its truth.

The moment you catch yourself in the misunderstanding of being outside-in with the logic and wisdom of how you experience life is when you insight-fully see that you are NOT factoring in thought to your experience of any matter… the misunderstanding dissolves.


Motivation is intrinsic… but it is not reliant on the reasons to act a certain way. You do have reasons to do what you want to do, rather, when you are aligned with where your feelings are truly coming from (thought in the moment) with those reasons, you no longer seek out a certain mindset to achieve objectives.


That is really helpful because there is no longer ‘something in the way’… no more needing something “to get motivated”, whether it be a mindset or reward.

The reasoning you will have to take action towards what you want to attain become very logical, and are inherently driven.


That simply is intrinsic motivation. 


Photo credit: Emma Simpson