Working in Teams

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Mind unset



This is something I want to share that is extremely helpful when working with others in any situation, in teams and in collaborating on business projects.

We are all individual beings, with separate realities from one another.
We all experience life through our own thinking, and perspectives.
Although we may sometimes have similar ideas, and thoughts….they are never the same.
Just as our thumbprint is so detailed and different from each others.
Subhanna Allah, so is how we are experiencing everything around us.
Although we might want others to think like us, that can never actually happen.
We are all feeling our own thinking in the moment.
Feeling comes from thought…thought creates feeling. We are feeling our thinking in the moment 100% the time. Feelings are not created from anything else, not a situation, outcome, person, circumstance, past, future, anything.
You see we will work together and feelings will come up…and when we innocently believe that someone/something other than thought in the moment is creating them, we fall into ego thinking.
Then separate realities are not obvious to us.
We fall into unnecessary thinking, and reactions.
We stay trapped in the illusion that we must think and feel the same.
But when we notice truth…notice that we are feeling our thinking in the moment…these illusions fall away. Then Separate realities become clear to us and instead of being afraid, or insecure with diversity of opinions, we embrace them.
This really allows us to work together with united respect, communication, confidence, leadership, clarity, and peace.